Victor Laurel

Victor Laurel

Head of DevOps, Sogeti UK

Tearing Down The Walls To Deliver Speed AND Quality


Regardless of how DevOps begins in your organisation, the automation, continuous integration, and continuous delivery that it enables are the cornerstones of digital innovation, speed and cost effectiveness. Moving to a DevOps way of working is a complex journey, and one that offers huge rewards, but each journey is unique. This presentation will illustrate the wide range of challenges that our customers have experienced, from collaborative to technical to philosophical; and showcase how they have addressed these factors to enable continuous deployment and deliver quantifiable business value.


This presentation will:
· Explain how you can kick start your organisation’s transformation
· Review how good process and new operating models can break down silos
· Address how testing fits into DevOps, and how test maturity is key to deliver best practice

Victor is a driving force behind IT strategy and solutions that deliver business value. Victor joined Sogeti to lead the team responsible for the transformation of its clients DevOps capability. His extensive experience across DevOps, architecture and technology has given him the opportunity to work on some impressive global programs such as large-scale multi-platform cloud solutions. During the course of his career Victor has engaged with clients, ranging from non-profit to FTSE 50 corporations, on wide scale technology implementations, IT organisational change and restructure, and process optimisation. Victor is originally from Texas and his enthusiasm for people, process and technology is infectious. LinkedIn: