Tom Ayerst

Tom Ayerst

Programme Manager, CJS Common Platform Programme, Crown Prosecution Service

Why Big Complicated Things Are Hard


It can be hard to grow a DevOps culture in a large project or programme. Why is this? They are often greenfield operations with little or no pre-existing inertia or cultural baggage to get in the way. Yet they often end up with manual builds, late integration and everything “slipping to the right”. Tom discusses the forces at work in big projects, why they work against the DevOps approach and proposes an alternative model.

Tom has more than thirty years’ experience working in IT (he really did start out loading punch cards!). His experience includes trading systems in the City of London and major government digital-by-default programmes. He has managed large, geographically distributed teams and multi-million pound budgets. He has been influential in the decision-making process at a project, programme, and strategic level. Tom is a pragmatic architect and manager focusing on early and continual delivery of value. He has been involved in the agile community since before it was “agile” and has introduced lean/agile delivery techniques in multiple organisations throughout his career.

Twitter: @TomAyerst