Rafal Gancarz

Rafal Gancarz

Lead Consultant, OpenCredo

Succeeding with DevOps Transformation


Many organisations are interested in adopting DevOps culture and practices but quite often they face some serious challenges after starting a DevOps transformation programme. These problems can be mitigated if organisations are well prepared for what’s likely to happen when their existing processes and culture are being altered during the DevOps transformation effort.


This talk aims to explore the common problem areas that can impact the success of the DevOps transformation, and will provide practical advice for dealing with these based on experiences from our past engagements. It will offer some insight into how organisations can prepare and manage the transformation programme, track and report the progress, and finally, ensure that the desired business outcomes are achieved.

Rafal is a Lead Consultant for OpenCredo having joined the company in 2014 and is responsible for leading engagements. Rafal is an experienced technologist with expertise in architecting and delivering large-scale distributed systems.