Paul Houghton

Paul Houghton

Technology Delivery Manager, NHS Choices, NHS Digital

Lessons From The UK’s Largest Health Website


NHS Choices receives around 50 million visits a month and is the UK’s most popular heath website. Andy Callow and Paul Houghton from NHS Digital will talk about the journey the team has taken moving from a monolithic, traditional application in a waterfall environment towards agile DevOps culture, with higher release cadence and increased quality, helping our teams to respond to user needs.

After 12 years in a variety of rolls within Halifax/HBOS/Lloyds, Paul has been working on NHS Choices (NHS.UK) for 7 years now. He is responsible for the day-to-day technical operations of and making sure that millions of users a month get the health and wellbeing information that they need.


Within NHS Digital, Paul is working to improve the way the organisation works. This includes: the evolution of deployments from thick stacks of paper release notes to automated deployments, continuous integration, the move from data centre to cloud, waterfall to agile, monolithic application to microservices, and departmental silos to cross-functional delivery teams and DevOps.