Emilio Vacca

Emilio Vacca

Director of Mobile, The Telegraph

How We Went From 0% To 40% Automation And Improved Quality While Going Through A QA Crisis At The Telegraph


Let’s admit it, we were not very good at automation: it took an average of 4 days of regression testing per app before we were able to release anything. This is the story of how lucky we were to hit some bumps on  the “delivery road” that forced us to change our approach. Emilio will talk about how the team at The Telegraph improved the quality of their code and simplified the delivery process moving from 0 automation to 40% (and counting) of automation.

Like you, Emilio, has seen the world of technology changing multiple times over the years. As an expert in the mobile applications arena, he is constantly asking himself “what’s next”.
A technology enthusiast, he has spent his 25 year career between design, technology and leadership roles and is an avid early adopter of new technologies.


His unique blend of design and technology, developed working many years as a visual and interactive designer, as a software developer and architect for enterprise software and, later on, as a engineer and then manager for mobile applications, provided him unique advantages and vision; allowing him to move quickly between different technologies and sectors, from telecommunications to healthcare, from fashion to media.


In the last 5 years Emilio has founded multiple startups in various industries (insurance, real estate, mobile services, social search services) and, as a startups mentor, he is now helping other companies grow.