Andy Callow

Andy Callow

Head of Technology Delivery, NHS Digital

Lessons From The UK’s Largest Health Website


NHS Choices receives around 50 million visits a month and is the UK’s most popular heath website. Andy Callow and Paul Houghton from NHS Digital will talk about the journey the team has taken moving from a monolithic, traditional application in a waterfall environment towards agile DevOps culture, with higher release cadence and increased quality, helping our teams to respond to user needs.

Andy has an extensive background in using technology as an enabler to deliver customer-focused service efficiencies and improvements, through a number of appointments in the public and private sector. He joined the NHS Digital in 2015 and is currently Head of Technology Delivery for NHS Choices, the top health information site in Europe, which receives in the order of 50 million visits per month.


Following obtaining a Masters in Electronics and Software, Andy began his career in electronic product development, before moving fully into software development, and the leadership of a number of development teams, gaining an MBA along the way. Before joining NHS Digital, he was Head of Information and ICT for the Children’s Services Department at Derbyshire County Council and also a Director of EMPSN, a network and applications services company.


A father to three boys, he is also a Cub Scout group leader and manages an under-13s football team, and has found the experience of working with this age group provides lots of transferable learning for leading technology teams!