Amy Harms

Amy Harms

Engineering Manager, Deliveroo

If You Have A Team Named DevOps, You’re Doing It Wrong


From monoliths to microservices and planet-scale, your engineering culture is the most important amplifier of your technical success. It’s the game-changer, the unicorn-maker. And DevOps as a set of cultural values should be foundational to your culture. What follows are my lessons from the front-line and practical approaches to making these changes.

Amy Harms is an engineering leader focused on service delivery and reliability.


She has led technical teams through service design and implementation into BAU & continuous delivery with a focus on agile, security and DevOps. With a background in SaaS and enterprise software, she brings real life expertise that focuses on the ‘live-site first’ mentality required to make a service successful with the commercial insight into the business factors that drive the service.


Most recently, Amy has been focused on redesigning and improving a continuous integration/delivery pipeline, implementing an incident management framework to drive a ‘live site first’ culture.


She is responsible for the production of a healthy service-scaled, PaaS platform capable of leveraging big data for advanced business intelligence and market competitiveness while meeting strict international security standards and compliance frameworks such as SOX and PCI DSS.